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Dreams are always beginnings!

For each project, we identify the target clientele and make sure to select the best collaborators in the industry.

Our services:

- First evaluation of the manuscripts: to see if they correspond to the editorial line and to choose which ones to submit to the reading committee.

- Create and manage the reading committee.

- Communicate the suggested changes to the authors and edit the selected texts.

- Write the arguments and press releases.

- Write and / or correct if necessary, the back cover.

- Coordinate and manage all stages of production: revision, layout, proofreading, sending to the printer (if applicable) and / or electronic publishing on different platforms.

- Linguistic revision.

- Translation (if necessary, according to agreement)

- Representation in book fairs

"A pessimist turns his opportunities into difficulties, an optimist turns his difficulties into opportunities"

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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