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Books Bring Valuable Business PR 

Consider writing a book if you're a business owner stuck in a super competitive category (and so many are today). Becoming an author is an excellent way to increase visibility, get ahead of competitors, and reach your target customers. The media and online worlds will receive a book promotion campaign more readily than a regular PR campaign for your business. It might not be fair, but it's the way the world works, and once you're an author, the opportunities are significant. It's also easier to find speaking platforms and hold events when you're a published author in your field.

You can be literal or creative with your book's topic. Some business people turned authors go dead-on at their product or service, while others find unique topics their target customers will find interesting. There's no exact formula, and what works for someone else might not work for you. Finding your niche and one that people respond to helps ensure your success in the long run. There are stories about authors who become runaway hits on a fluke, but you can't count on them, so planning your way to success is more reliable. Your book is an asset if you compete for clients against many companies.

If you succeed with a first book, there's every reason to write and release another in two to four years. You'll have sustained visibility and can revisit the same PR opportunities in places where you're well-received. You may be surprised at what people find more exciting about you, and starting your campaign is the way to figure out your opportunities. Book sales are brisk today, and even if the competition is fierce, you'll do well if you write a quality book and plan an effective marketing campaign. Working with a publicist is an excellent idea -- add one to your book's marketing budget if you can.

If you're looking for the most bang for your buck as a business person's author, try a genre known for consistently strong sales. Any topic that qualifies as "self-help" has an advantage and an automatic target audience. Finding one that connects to a topic that helps your business is an advantage. If you think creatively, there may be various book topics that will work. Selecting a subject you enjoy will lead to a better book for nearly everyone. When you want the material and have a natural interest, you start with useful information already in your head. Then, you'll learn more as you write your book.


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