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Our mission:

Since our publishing house is called DENDRIT Éditions (in reference to the dendrites of the neuron, necessary for communication). First, we will focus on books that discuss, celebrate, and shed light on the power of the brain, neurological sciences, and discovery at large.


- Fiction novels: such as science, technology, psychological, futuristic (without necessarily being science fiction) thrillers of adventure and discovery.

- Biographies of great scientists, philosophers, psychiatrists, researchers, musicians, artists, etc.

- Literary essays: scientific, psychological, philosophical and in the field of communication, technology and artificial intelligence.

- Multimedia: ex. immersive poetry, augmented reality, etc.


For now, we exclude the following genres which are already very well represented:

- Detective novels and series, historical series, horror, tales, romance, practical life, personal development, theater and erotic literature.

- Biographies of athletes, public figures and stars.

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